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Purge Mods - Side Piece 21700 Mech Mod (Murdered Out - Copper)

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Product Code: side-piece-murder

Doubling down on all the things that brought them to greatness, Purge Mods presents the Side Piece Mech MOD, an incredibly powerful mechanical mod sporting unique and innovative designs that will rocket-launch both your aesthetic and your performance to unimagined heights. Finally going for the easy pun, the Side Piece is activated by applying pressure to the side-mounted ULTEM firing bar embedded in the side of the metal chassis. This bar uses a solid piece of copper to close the circuit between your atomizer and your battery, creating a thoroughly ergonomic experience not long after ergonomics were willingly throw to the wayside in favor of bottom-switch mods. Oh, how we've learned. Milled from a single solid piece of metal, the Side Piece boasts impeccable conduvivity that has to be played with to be believed, and the punch this dual-celled mod conceals in such a small package is a feat all it's own, simultaneously proving the Side Piece's unique advantages in performance and Purge Mods' consistently reliable excellence in mechanical vape design and construction.

- 100% Copper Construction
- Machined From Single Piece Of Metal For Minimal Voltage Drop
- Accepts Dual 20700 or 21700 Battery
- Internal Battery Rattle Adjustment
- Hybrid 510 Connection
- Copper 510 Threads
- Grip-like Side-Mounted Firing Bar
- Embedded Into Metal Chassis
- Copper Battery Contact
- Diameter: 30mm x 30mm

1 x The Side Piece Mech MOD by Purge Mods
1 x Purge Mods Hard Carrying Case
1 x Purge Mods Authenticity Card


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